Look to the skies

Last week was busy, and this week was also unfortunately busy. So, this post will be particularly short, for the most part, since I only really got to…

  • Setting up the Board Games repository with Open Oubliette in there, for anybody who wants a copy or would like to contribute changes.
  • Adding hooks to configure Miniboost, currently limited to just background/foreground colors, but could potentially be used to point to a specific set of Boost Note notes.
  • Updating my blog publication script to add the post categories, since I have been getting some of the URLs wrong all this time in announcements.

And I also filed an issue regarding Miniboost’s underlying libraries as to whether word wrap is available. So, like I said, not much.

Implementing Open Oubliette 🔗

This is definitely wet paint, in-progress code, but I’ve created a React application with Boardgame.io in this repository, for anybody who wants to follow along. Right this moment, it looks like Open Oubliette, because I’m using that as a target, but it’s actually a not-fun-at-all configurable Tic-Tac-Toe game with options for board height, board width, and number of marks in a row to win, currently set as six-by-six, requiring four to win.

It’s not great, but it’s a start. However, I want to say now that it’s either strange or disappointing that there isn’t any prominent library to handle the “front end” of the game, such displaying the board and making it easy to move tokens around the board. I can’t be the first person who doesn’t feel like focusing on that sort of thing, right?

Next 🔗

I expect that this coming week might look similar to the past week, maybe with more on the board game.

*Credits**: The header image is untitled by Lotteszka from PxHere, made available under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.