There isn’t much to choose from, in terms of holidays, but it happens to be portrait painter Mary Brewster Hazelton’s birthday, the first woman known to win a non-gendered award—the first Julius Hallgarten Prize—in the United States.

Two Sisters at a Piano

And with that out of the way…on to the code.


I launched Replybrary, yesterday, which has required some cleanup. Most of it has been cleaning the package file and polishing off the ESLint side, but I also decided to log any actual errors and to be sure that the code never gets caught in a loop trying to trim the length of the outgoing message.

I have split this project between the code and data, with the URL file going to GitLab. I may try to mirror it back to GitHub, at some point.

Roku Wake

For some reason, my Roku-based TV has stopped responding to the physical remote control. This has meant using a cheap tablet as a remote, but when the television is in its “sleep mode,” it sometimes doesn’t respond to the wake-up commands. So, in an attempt to streamline my mornings, I wrote Roku Wake, a JavaScript program that tries to find a named Roku device—by substring search—and send the power command.

It works less reliably than the tablet app, unfortunately, but it does get through, on occasion.


I have finally begun the process of taking my notes on Uxuyu and turning them into GitHub Issues.


Well, I have a few more issues to file for Uxuyu. Then, there are a couple of minor fixes required for library-twitterbot that I just haven’t had time to commit. I want to try to mirror the Replybrary-URLs repository to GitHub, and I should probably formalize the script I threw together to list the keywords and URLs.

I may also have some translation work to add. But between the holiday and my wanting to get a side project launched soon, I may need to keep this upcoming week as light as possible.

Credits: The header image is Two Sisters at a Piano by Mary Brewster Hazelton, long since lapsed into the public domain. Unable to find a copy of her award-winning In a Studio, this will have to suffice.