Today marks the 109th anniversary of the start of the Bread and Roses Strike, where textile workers protested a reduction in pay that came with a safety-oriented reduction in hours. The Massachusetts National Guard decided that the appropriate response involved bayonets.

The Fight is on; Join The IWOW And STAy WITH US

On the thirteenth, incidentally, those on the Julian calendar also celebrate the new year. 🎊

Otherwise, to the code…

Picture to Nonogram

We are getting closer to this being a functioning puzzle game. I found a way to reduce odd aspect ratios to something workable, added code to iterate over “blackness thresholds” to increase the chances of the puzzle being fun, and have started the work required to download a random image for processing.

I also made some minor changes to clean up the code, but those are far less interesting.


This week, I want to wrap up the download side and use the output to drive or generate a puzzle.

Credits: The header image is Workers picket with signs around the textile mill as the Lawrence textile strike begins in 1912, long in the public domain.