Today is World Press Freedom Day, acknowledging that it’s nearly impossible to live in a free society, if the centers of power act to stifle reporting.

Press Freedom Day Poster

Doritís Onomáton

Another week of just working on this one thing…well, that and All Around the News, of course.

There’s now a menu option to show the names saved during a particular session with the app, adjusting the tiles so that they can’t be swiped away. And speaking of the menu, I added some space around the alphabet list, since the “app bar” was a bit cluttered.

Copying a name—with a tap/click—also now animates the tap and produces a pop-up message, for clarity.

Doritís Onomáton also now drops the action buttons along the bottom, when looking at the saved name list.


This week, my main goal is to set up a server for Doritís Onomáton, probably named “Fýlakas Onomáton,” the keeper of names, for consistency. The first version doesn’t need to do much, just have accounts with an API key and the ability to store HTTP POST requests from the app.

Credits: The header image is World Press Freedom Day 2017 Poster by unknown UNESCO staffers, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 IGO license.