I’ve never heard of Day of the Programmer before, but I happen to be a programmer, and it has a great name. The date was chosen as the 256th (28) day of the year. In leap years, it’s September 12th.

A woman at a small table transferring code from her laptop to her phone

And what better way to celebrate Day of the Programmer than to talk about what a programmer—such as myself—has done recently? Probably a lot, but this is what I have to work with, so that’s what you’re getting. Unfortunately, it took forever to dedicate time to the thing that I wanted to figure out, so it’s mostly random other issues filling the week.


I updated libraries for Miniboost, again.

Entropy Arbitrage

The blog’s code now has improvements that are entirely invisible to readers and are purely for my benefit. The deployment notifications that I get are now far clearer. I have also finally published the script that I run to keep the Internet Archive up to date.

I wanted to add Archive Today to the script, because I think it has a more usable interface than the Internet Archive. However, they protect every page access with a CAPTCHA, which…I’d rather not go down the path of paying a shady company to farm out the piece-work to people who only solve these things for hours at a time.

Quotation Extractor

I don’t generally do much with the Quotation Extractor, but I finally added a script to sift through the generated files and print one random quote. That includes a character count, since I wanted to use it for Twitter and wanted to be able to rule out quotes that wouldn’t fit.

Fýlakas Onomáton

Because the Fýlakas Onomáton pages looked pretty sad, I took the little logo that I whipped up—the letter F, made from a public domain fountain pen image—and turned it into a background image.

Doritís Onomáton

Well, Doritís Onomáton will now point to , the pop-up message for saving a name is now a bit clearer, and---most importantly, and it took most of the week to figure out how to get it to work---the app sends device information along when it requests an activation code.

Along the way, I also bumped the Flutter version.

This now requires testing with a real device—I think that I have a cheap Android tablet handy—but the app and server are both now what I would consider to be “feature complete.”


I should clean up the Doritís Onomáton code, but this week will almost certainly otherwise go to cleaning up the library updates that have been backing up.

Credits: The header image is wocintech (microsoft) — 42 by WOCinTech Chat, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.