Today goes on my list of “best holidays that most of us don’t celebrate,” Día de los Muertos, a two-day celebration of honoring the deceased, originating primarily in Mexico, seemingly a melding of European traditions such as All Souls Day and more frequent Aztec traditions celebrating the dead and paying respects to Mictēcacihuātl. The holiday has been spreading, however, sometimes in impressive ways.

La Leona Cemetery, Cuernavaca, Mexico

I probably won’t go so far as to build an ofrenda, today—appropriating the ritual seems callous—but I’ll certainly spare a thought or two for the people no longer with us and name them, while I’m taking care of what I need to do.


Most of this week’s effort, has gone to INTERN, which now returns (poorly) prioritized search results, prints updates to a log instead of the console, and does a better job of ignoring repository metadata. It’s enough of a change that I’m almost disappointed that the description easily fits in a tweet.

Library Updates

As usual, when I struggled with INTERN, I pushed out a couple of minor automated updates to Generic Board Game—which still doesn’t do anything useful—and Bicker to keep them up to date.


I need to improve/complete INTERN’s result prioritization, this week. There’s probably also an overuse of unwrap() that’ll be overly optimistic in real situations. It would also be nice to at least start the client project, which…maybe I’ll try Haskell for that, just for a change of pace, and because I’ve wanted a good excuse to play with the language for a while, now.

Time permitting, it would also be nice to add other features to the server.

Credits: The header image is the Celebrating “Día de los Muertos” by Felicity Rainnie, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution No-Derivatives 2.0 Generic license.