Today marks the 113th anniversary of the founding of Tel Aviv-Yafo (תֵּל־אָבִיב-יָפוֹ). While I realize that any discussion of modern Israeli settlement quickly becomes fraught with recriminations on all sides for what details get a voice and which do not, starting with whether to include Yafo in the name at all, and what name to use. However, given the lack of holidays today, the anniversary of a major metropolis seems fair, regardless of the policies of the parent government.

Panorama of Tel Aviv

Meanwhile, I have code…and some food.

Flatbread Failure

The rare cooking update appears. ⚞gasp⚟

We had a sudden cold snap up here, which I didn’t quite prepare for in between tornado watches. That led me to want to make bread later in the year than I normally might…but I didn’t prepare, so I tried for a flatbread.

The article that I found suggested a simple recipe of one cup of flour, one cup of yogurt, and two teaspoons of baking powder. And I ended up with tiny biscuits instead of anything that would qualify as flatbread. That honestly doesn’t seem like a terrible result, but any of us can easily find far better recipes for biscuits; I used to bake them regularly with breakfast.

Common Calendar

GitHub - jcolag/CommonCalendarDisplays a not-necessarily-serious calendar. Contribute to jcolag/CommonCalendar development by creating an account on GitHub.

It needs further testing, but the Common Calendar hit a snag with its “new year” on Saturday, crashing when the code decided to find the date for “month #12” in an eleven-month calendar. The fix seems straightforward—modular math ensures that the code can never overflow—but it needs testing, to make sure that the ends of the year connect correctly.

Honestly, I should probably review all the math in the program, because you could probably safely bet that I didn’t think it through…

Library Updates

I finally decided to bump library versions for Uxuyu, Bicker, Generic Board Game, RenewDB, Library TwitterBot, and Fýlakas Onomáton.


I admittedly don’t have much of a plan, so expect more library updates and whatever other touch-ups that come to mind. Actually, that seems wrong. It looks like I need to update the CSS for G.L.O.B.E. to highlight the player’s progress or lack thereof.

Credits: The header image is Panorama of Tel Aviv (cropped) by RaphaelQS, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International license.