Today, the European Union 🇪🇺 celebrates Europe Day, promoting peace and unity across the continent, and commemorating the Schuman Declaration.

Signing the Treaty of Lisbon, under a large EU flag

On to code, specifically, a new project.

Mackerel and Sweet Potato

As recipes go, this lacked any sophistication, but I needed something quickly, and this worked well enough.

I started by frying some canned mackerel, then chopped and added half a sweet potato and half an onion—red, if you somehow need to do this exactly like I did—and then added maybe half a pound of frozen mixed vegetables, a bit less than you’d get from one of those old paper-wrapped bricks that…I don’t think anybody actually sells, anymore.

It came out sweeter—maybe obviously, given the sweet potato and that mixed vegetables generally include carrots, corn, and peas—than I’d prefer for dinner, but it satisfied me. I probably should have added a fair amount of cumin and maybe raw garlic, to balance everything out. With a dinner roll, it comes to about two meals for a John-sized diner, so I have leftovers and can experiment more.

I like recipes along these lines, where I don’t necessarily need to cook anything beyond heating it to a desired temperature. With fresh vegetables instead of frozen, it probably wouldn’t need any heat at all, suitable for warm weather.


GitHub - jcolag/salaviAn ancient board game...with a twist. Contribute to jcolag/salavi development by creating an account on GitHub.

Consider this something of a new “secret project,” though I’ll still develop it publicly. At least at the moment, it generates the skeleton of a Snakes and Ladders; I implemented it as a generator of game boards, not because I expect to create them regularly, but because it seemed easier than maintaining a single board and trying to quickly adjust it, as I want more or fewer squares.

I have ideas for the game—to make it more of a computer game—but I created this primarily as an excuse to experiment with browser drag-and-drop features, specifically in the context of board games.

As I write this, though, the game doesn’t have too much to it. You roll a die—the button—and move the piece the displayed number of spaces, back and forth, up to the top of the board.

Library Updates

I needed to bump library versions for Roku Wake…not that it works.


Other things may come up, but I intend to mostly continue working on Salavi. Specifically, I want to highlight the valid space to move the game piece now. And, of course, a Snakes and Ladder-style game should have some snakes and ladders. If I get sufficiently ambitious, you might even find out how the -avi part got into the name…

Credits: The header image is Tratado de Lisboa 13 12 2007 (04) by Archiwum Kancelarii Prezydenta RP, made available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation v1.2 license, which I take to be (roughly) compatible with the blog, but will change the image if someone provides a reasonable argument to the contrary.