Today, many in the United States celebrate the anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Opinions divide over whether Prohibition accomplished anything—good or bad—other than increasing police power and likely emboldened the Ku Klux Klan.

A police officer confiscating alcohol from a 1922 automotive accident

If you prefer, the last few days have begun the “Christmas season,” when almost every day maps to something relevant, such as Saint Nicholas Day today and Krampusnacht tonight…as a reminder, for when people throw a tantrum over people wishing them “happy holidays.”

And with that, let’s move on to some code.


GitHub - jcolag/background-generatorCPREP: A simple web application to provide semi-believable background details for fictional characters - jcolag/background-generator

Finally getting back to CPREP, I needed to take the next step of dealing with the libraries that I use. The application requires quite a few libraries, so I can’t really cheat my way through this.

As a result, partly against my better judgment, I’ve started (slowly) trying to use Webpack to bundle the JavaScript libraries. I say that I do this despite my better judgment, because—as I wrote in October—taking this step increases the maintenance cost of the application, by adding configuration and a compilation step.

For a massive application with plenty of assets, this maintenance usually makes a fair trade-off. But for a single page that only needs to maintain about a thousand lines of code and few non-code assets, it seems like overkill.

Library Updates

I needed to update libraries for the Daily Nonogram, Uxuyu, slackup, Little Scuttlers, and Zoea.


You guessed it: I’ll probably try to move forward with CPREP, and probably complain a lot about Webpack.

Credits: The header image is Policeman standing alongside wrecked car and cases of moonshine by an unknown photographer, in the public domain with either an expired copyright or lack of original copyright.