Today celebrates World Environment Day, a platform to advocate for various environmental issues. Every year, the committee behind it chooses a host city—or small country, in recent years—and theme. While I can’t find a reference to today’s host, but the official website tells me that we have Beat Plastic Pollution serving as this year’s theme.

The helmet worn by the UN Peacekeepers force

I’ll leave it to all of you to decide whether my projects look more like pollution…

Periodic Scripts

GitHub - jcolag/periodic-scriptsAn archive of daily (or similar) scripts that John uses to maintain processes - jcolag/periodic-scripts

I discovered that I didn’t sanitize my script, so the history unfortunately will perpetually have some (misleading, ironically) traces of the layout of my system in the repository history. Therefore, I tossed off a quick change that replaced opening specific files with opening the files specified on the command line.

We have a nice loop to do that.

for file in "$@"
  sleep 0.25
  (nohup "$editor" "$file" 2>/dev/null &)

If you don’t have much familiarity with the various shell languages, $@ holds the list of parameters.

I also fixed a bug that someone mentioned, where the default MIME handler might refer to a desktop shortcut file. In that case, the script searches the—presumed common—shortcut for its Exec= line, and continues from there to find the application to run.

And now has all its variables quoted. They should never have spaces in them, but if they somehow do, it will no longer derail the entire script.

Library Updates

I needed to bump (finally) versions of libraries for Bicker, Fýlakas Onomáton, Generic Board Game, Renewal DB, slackup, and Uxuyu.


I expect that this week will continue the library updates. I let them sit long enough that GitHub’s bot stopped telling me about changes. Plus, I expect to not have much discretionary time for a bit.

Credits: The header image is Marine Debris Removal in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands by NOAA’s National Ocean Service, in the public domain as a work of the United States government.