John Colagioia, Eclecticly Collecting

I figure it’s high time for an actual web presence. This is (should be) the center point for everything. I work on a lot of random little things, and if someone happens to be interested in any of them, it seems practical to have someplace to point such people.

Or I can scrap the entire thing and post affiliate links everywhere. That could very well work, for all I know.

The short version is that I write software by day and plot the Downfall of Civilization™ by night. Or, rather, I teach, I write, I program, I make things that hopefully make the world odder, more comfortable, and more inclusive. I try to be “full service,” where I can.


If you’re looking for me elsewhere, to get a sense of what I’m like “in public,” here are some good places to start.

You can generally find a dormant account on just about any social networking sites, too. I sign up to most things, just to see if they have any interesting features. If you desperately need to contact me only through those means, the response time varies depending on how often I remember it’s out there. Like, is Friendster still a thing? I could be easily convinced that I signed up for that long after everybody else left…


Other things going on that might be of interest include:

If it’s not a link, I haven’t written that page, yet. Clever, right?

The Name

While we’re here, let’s get one thing out of the way, because you’re probably asking, anyway. Co-la-gioi-a:

And there you go.

Nine letters, three of which are consonants and the last two of which are I-A, as in Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn, which I assume is a coincidence and an indication that my ancestors spent time foretelling the return of fictional squid-headed alien god-things.

I wouldn’t bet against it, mind you. I just assume it isn’t the case.

No, I don’t care if you pronounce or spell it right. I know who I am and have heard enough variations as to be immune. People ask, though, so there we are.


I really should point out that the JC glyph was created by Brandon Eck for his Name Logo Directory project—great job needing very little input from me.

The body typeface is Natanael Gama’s Exo 2. I liked the original enough that I pledged to the Kickstarter campaign.

The header typeface is Friedrich Althausen’s Vollkorn, which struck me as a good match.

Various bullets, such as the list of links at the top, uses Font Awesome. It has its faults and I should subset the thing, but it does the job.

The background texture is from Subtle Patterns, by Nathan Spady.