A Nanomonestotse village

Today is pretty thin, holiday-wise, but today does happen to be the start of Nanomonestotse, an autumnal celebration of peace observed by assorted Native American communities. It’s a nice, calm holiday that involves self-reflection and—coincidentally, I assume—some of my favorite foods. May peace dwell in our village, because I’m never going to turn down a good holiday.

If you’re part of a more global audience and don’t like sweet potatoes, tomorrow is also the third World Statistics Day, the first in five years, because only a statistician would enjoy a holiday that only comes around once every five years, I guess. So dust off your 𝛘2s and…OK, I don’t actually have anything, there.

As for projects…

Entropy Arbitrage

I realized that I never set up the HTTP 404 error page correctly. It took a couple of tries, since I messed up the path, but there’s now something there.

While that change was being made, I realized that the README file was missing some critical information for reusing the code, so I added it.


I started a new project, this week, a simple Twitter bot that will—soon, ideally—reply to requests with sample URLs based on keywords. My thought is that it will be more useful than needing to track down various news articles that I want to mention frequently.

So far, I only have a loose frame that prints tweets sent to it, and previously had the script post a tweet. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to finish the project.

Once it’s done, I’ll throw together a Wednesday tech tip on how to get a project like this running.


I added a quick script to my Small Things repository that takes CSV output from Vulgar—which I sometimes use for projects where I need text that looks foreign—sorts it by how well the words rhyme and adds a syllable count for each term. It’s extremely easy to handle both tasks, given that one of the columns is in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Credits: The header image is based on Nanomonestotse Village by Paxsis, released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International license.