Today is the International Day For Monuments and Sites—also known as World Heritage Day—meant to draw attention to monuments and cultural heritage sites.

If you don’t find that worth celebrating, then you might also or instead find yourself mid-Passover, recovering from Easter, or observing Ramadan, in which case, I hope that you have or had a great one.

The Great Wall of China

It just occurred to me that a terrifying future probably exists where international organizations designate a day to remind people that code exists, and show that off in strange celebrations…

Entropy Arbitrage

GitHub - jcolag/entropy-arbitrage-codeThe Jekyll blog for - jcolag/entropy-arbitrage-code

Last week, I had some small “maintenance” changes to make to the blog’s code, none of them earth-shattering.

Actually affecting the blog, albeit minimally, I changed the Friday Twitter roundup post generation script to no longer file those posts under the media category. I never quite understood what purpose the post categories served, and they only really seem to complicate guessing at the URL, so I won’t use them anymore. Prior posts will maintain their existing URLs, but the format simplifies, going forward.

In my static analysis script (, I changed the proselint configuration file’s name to match the program’s current convention, since it currently issues a warning. While there, I also fixed some paths in the script, to make sure that I can launch it from anywhere.

And finally, I explicitly ignored the “file offset-to-line number” map file that I generate when performing static analysis on the posts, to make sure that I don’t accidentally publish or commit any of them.

Small Things

GitHub - jcolag/SmallThingsTiny projects not worth giving their own repository - jcolag/SmallThings

In my dumping ground of quick experiments, I added Mermaid code to generate a flowchart for a bubble sort, to make sure that I understood the syntax.

Unfortunately, this process taught me that the Mermaid code…how can I put this delicately? It doesn’t prioritize robustness. That is, it either produces a diagram from the description, or it produces an unenlightening image stating that the description had an error. Granted, I have the experience to know how to chop out lines to perform a binary search until I find the offending line. However, it’s 2022, so why does this responsibility get dumped on me?

In any case, once someone squashes the syntax errors, the results look decent.

A bubble sort flowchart

If that design doesn’t work, I could add a stylesheet, so this might become my standard format for diagrams, going forward.

I also found an old experiment in getting Elixir to provide a system/user folder’s path.

Library Updates

I needed to bump library versions for Uxuyu, Fýlakas Onomáton, Bicker, Generic Board Game,

This probably won’t remain true for long, but for now, that clears out my backlog.


This week, now that I’ve gotten comfortable with Mermaid, I may finally look to find a way to integrate it with Miniboost. Its inspiration project Boost Note announced a similar change right around the time that I stopped using it, so it makes sense for compatibility.

Credits: The header image is P1090119 Chiny by Jsporysz, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 Unported license.