The first Monday of every October marks World Habitat Day, bringing awareness of the need for and human right to shelter. Some years, the discussion drifts more to the communal living, in the state of our cities and towns. At a time when investors buy up rental properties to raise prices, we continue to see moves to privatize public infrastructure, and cities now worry about running out of water, you might especially see the value of such a day.

A row of probably suburban houses

My software work probably won’t put a roof over anybody’s head but my own—I assume that employers already have their own roofs—but I also feel less destructive than I probably would as a real estate developer, so…

Iungimoji 🔗

GitHub - jcolag/iungimojiA generator for simple memory games. Contribute to jcolag/iungimoji development by creating an account on GitHub.

As suggested last week, most of this week went to adding date-based seed and game-board size settings to Iungimoji. Again, I moved the code into the game in a different order than happened with G.L.O.B.E., focusing at least partly on not disrupting game-play.

But by now, you probably know the flow. In each case, the user interface gets a control with a reasonable default. When the user changes either setting, it flags the game to reload the page on exiting the configuration panel. On load, the game checks those configuration options and uses them to override the defaults when sensible—a size change always qualifies as “sensible,” but a changed date only qualifies when the player set it during the current day—which changes the behavior of the game.

Entropy Arbitrage 🔗

GitHub - jcolag/entropy-arbitrage-codeThe Jekyll blog for - jcolag/entropy-arbitrage-code

Based on some feedback, quotes should now look vastly improved.

The new styling tones down the “shadow” around the quote boxes when nobody interacts with them.

Look at a quick example.

The larger shadow returns in a hovering state, to give a sense of acknowledging the user, so passing your mouse over the quote will show the difference.

Along the way, it started to look odd to have the quote text right-justified. I don’t remember ever making that decision, and it looks wrong outside maybe the Twitter posts—where I admit they see the most use—so the styles no longer set that.

Next 🔗

Now that I’ve proven to myself that non-seed information can work for the games, I’ll probably finally set up an option to change the input language for G.L.O.B.E.. Once I do that, I’ll—naturally—want to find a way to globalize the page.

Credits: The header image borrows from Dr. Landrey’s office on the Schofield - panoramio by A’eron Blackman, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.