My coverage of the Redmine taught us all that I know basically no Japanese, yet I can hardly pass up the day that they induct the kanji of the year, today. Update: 戦, representing war or battle, won for 2022, referring to the war in Ukraine and the assassination of Shinzo Abe.

One scroll of the ninth century Chronicles of Japan

If you prefer the “Christmas track” of the December conference, Mexicans celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Onward to software.

Social Media

The process continues. This week, I followed’s tutorial on Mastodon verification with a public key. I still don’t believe that this solves the general verification problem for people with “real” credibility—it doesn’t confirm that I created the key, and it doesn’t show the verification outside my profile—but I wanted to model the process for people.

In any case, you can find my public key at KeyOxide, 261994FEE8CA821E96F171CE9D576E45591D6FC8.

For example, you can use that public key to decrypt this.



Maybe I’ll list it somewhere more front-facing on the blog, eventually. However, if you get “This is a test message,” signed at 14:14 GMT on 2022 December 5, out of the block above, then that should suffice to confirm that the same person runs this blog and the Mastodon account, for now, if you didn’t trust the cross-linking. And in the (unlikely) event that I track down public-facing people and have them sign my key, you could even confirm that the person behind both sources has some reality.

Probably less interesting for most people, but I now have a Post.News account, on top of the other assorted new accounts. I have no idea how much I’ll use it, but depending on the community that it draws, I’ll probably at least post occasionally.

Library Updates

Otherwise, the week went to more library updates. I needed to bump versions up for Little Scuttlers, Zoea, Renew DB, Bicker, Generic Board Game, and Uxuyu.


Given the number of library pull requests still outstanding, I’d expect at least another week of that. I’d like to say that it’ll give me time to work on other projects, but December makes that slightly unlikely…

Credits: The header image is Chronicles of Japan, Volume 10 by some seemingly unknown—either anonymous or long-forgotten—court scribe, and much too old to have a valid copyright.