Today marks the 255th anniversary of the Unification of Nepal. As you can guess, if we look too closely at that, we find that the story of unification—as always—revolves around a warlord defeating a bunch of neighboring warlords. However, seeing as how Nepal seems like a decent enough place, we can quietly ignore that and focus on the people centuries later having forged a common culture instead of getting peeled off by various neighbors.

If that seems like too much, we also have the 234th anniversary of the approval (not ratification) of the United States Bill of Rights.

A panoramic view of Thaha municipality-6, Bajrabarahi, Makawanpur, Nepal

And with everyone fully confused, on to the projects…

Entropy Arbitrage Newsletter

For those of you interested in such things, I’ll have the next issue of the Entropy Arbitrage newsletter ready to go on Saturday the thirtieth.

If you have signed up on Mailchimp, I still don’t quite trust the company, then you’ll get the e-mail on Saturday. If you have subscribed on Buy Me a Coffee—at the link in the previous paragraph, click the Follow button to the upper-right of the page; no money will change hands—you’ll get it on Tuesday morning, the third of October, because I never publish blog posts on Tuesdays, making that a nicer match than Saturdays.

What will you find inside? As always, you’ll find links to all the articles that I found interesting in my RSS feed or bookmarked, plus some analysis of blog traffic. For September, I wrote another piece on laptop shopping, discussed media consumption, and have some early stage looks at two upcoming projects. If you’ve become a member on Buy Me a Coffee, then you can already see previews for some of that.

Social Media

Well, I suppose that I can no longer point people at my T2 account, because T2 has renamed itself Pebble, for some nonsense reason explained in an e-mail, implying that they both always had this new name in mind and they happened to find someone willing to sell it to them for peanuts. Anyway, if you use Pebble as your preferred social media platform, you can find me 🪨 there.

You all know how this goes, by now, and it hasn’t changed from my existing T2 policy: I show up there when I need to post a blog announcement. If I see anything interesting, I’ll respond to people, then move on. As such, follow me on Pebble if you already spend time there, but you’ll probably have an -admittedly only slightly more interesting time following me on Mastodon 🦣 or Cohost 🥚.


GitHub - jcolag/NotobotoAnother attempt at a lightweight note-taking application - GitHub - jcolag/Notoboto: Another attempt at a lightweight note-taking application

I continue to get closer to having a complete note-taking solution.

This week, most focus went to creating new categories of notes.

However, the reload button also calls a—currently empty—function. I may eventually drop the reload feature, though. It seemed important when Boost Note and Miniboost ran so slowly that it often made sense to make changes to the note files directly, while waiting for the interface to update. I would also directly edit the notes for tasks like searching and replacing, which I couldn’t do in Valence Native without incurring overhead costs and making the experience worse.

Here, though, an eventual search-and-replace function might make a lot of sense.

On the other hand, I also don’t dislike watching the current file for changes, on the chance that I do something thoroughly inappropriate. Maybe I’ll keep both ideas, then. Anyway, I bring this up, because Notoboto now hides the reload button, since we would only want it to appear when it detects that something has modified the file for the current note.


I have finally bought a laptop to replace the ancient-feeling monstrosity that I’ve used for the last few years. If you want to know what I settled on and how it went, I’ve had some things to say in the Entropy Arbitrage Newsletter, as discussed above. But this post should make the first serious test of whether I migrated at least the blog infrastructure over successfully: If it goes out at a reasonable hour, then everything worked, but if it went out late, then I probably needed to install a bunch of tools or libraries or rush back to the old laptop at the last minute.

Or maybe I wrote this ahead of time and didn’t get around to moving onto the new laptop. You don’t know…but you could probably make a shrewd guess and wait for the Thursday Star Trek post for the real fireworks.


I’d like to finish Notoboto, but who knows where this week will ultimately lead, given that I need to finish getting this laptop running…?

Credits: The header image is Bajrabarahi Valley by Raaznewa, made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International license.