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diagrams showing the division of the day and of the week

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9:04 – Mon 01 January 2024

Image Not Shown: man, from behind, standing at dirt crossroads in woods

The curious joy of being wrong from The Conversation

Intellectual humility isn’t lacking conviction; you can believe something strongly until your mind is changed, and you believe something else. It also isn’t being wishy-washy. You should have a high bar for what evidence you require to change your mind.

Hashtags: #Psychology #Humility

The article admittedly does that obnoxious thing of insisting that we open-minded people should approach fraught political issues with curiosity and a desire to learn, rather than dismissing the idea that certain people don’t deserve human rights out of hand. However, other than that—presumably necessary in the author’s world, given that he mentions growing up with a white evangelical family—it makes some good points.

12:07 – Mon 01 January 2024

Quoted on Mastodon

Those who wish well towards their friends disdain to please them with words which are not true.


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9:07 – Tue 02 January 2024

Content Warning: Exploitation

Image Not Shown: Ma Ma Khin (pseudonym), former migrant worker at a sewing factory

The invisible labor cost of famous clothing brands in Thailand from Global Voices

The employer didn’t care. Anyone who didn’t want to work could leave. But if we left our job there, where could we find a job during Covid-19? Making demands was like banging your head against the wall. It was pointless, because we got nothing.

Hashtags: #Thailand #Labor #HumanRights

I’ve mentioned this before, but I highly encourage people to learn the skills required to make the least-complicated things that you use in your life. Once you try your hand at it, you’ll quickly realize that the price that you pay in stores doesn’t match the value of the labor, meaning that someone must get cheated. This article introduces you to a few such people.

12:03 – Tue 02 January 2024

Quoted on Mastodon

Say not “a small event!” Why “small”? / Costs it more pain that this ye call / A “great event” should come to pass / From that? Untwine me from the mass / Of deeds which make up life, one deed / Power shall fall short in or exceed!

Robert Browning

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9:01 – Wed 03 January 2024

Library of Congress European Mission, 1946. Reuben Peiss is in the center, with a pipe. Harry Lydenberg, former director of the New York Public Library is second from right
Library of Congress European Mission, 1946. Reuben Peiss is in the center, with a pipe. Harry Lydenberg, former director of the New York Public Library is second from right
Image credit: Library of Congress, (probably) in the public domain

How Librarian Spies Helped Win World War II from Voice of America

Adele Kibre, who had a Ph.D. in medieval linguistics, was among the first of these academic spies to use microphotography — taking pictures of documents and sending the film back to her bosses for analysis.

Hashtags: #WWII #Spies #Librarians

You know, I’d almost suggest that the political far-right hates libraries so much, because their predecessors at libraries helped defeat a prior generation of fascists, and authoritarians love little more than holding a pointless grudge. But then I remembered that authoritarians also hate reading and learning about history, so the idea that they know this particular story seems pretty laughable…

12:01 – Wed 03 January 2024

Quoted on Mastodon

Great wits are sure to madness near allied, / And thin partitions do their bounds divide.

John Dryden

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9:03 – Thu 04 January 2024

Image Not Shown: Thoughtful sad non-binary person lying on bed at home

Loneliness is about more than the need to belong from Futurity

What should people do if they believe someone in their social circle seems lonely? Try to be warm and supportive to that individual, but in a way that goes beyond hugs. Help them understand they have some control and choice in their lives, Ybarra says.

Hashtags: #Loneliness #Belonging

This reflects some studies that I’ve seen suggesting that people with “passion projects” don’t generally feel lonely.

12:06 – Thu 04 January 2024

Quoted on Mastodon

The man who is in the highest state of prosperity, and who thinks his fortune is most secure, knows not if it will remain unchanged till the evening.


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9:05 – Fri 05 January 2024

Content Warning: US Politics

Image Not Shown: Biden celebrates passage of the Inflation Reduction Act

Biden’s climate triumph is the new Obamacare for Republicans from Daily Kos

Among their repeal efforts: …homeowner rebates and training for energy-efficient appliances; the $4.5 billion High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Program; $200 million in State-Based Home Efficiency Contractor Training Grants; and $1 billion for Technical Assistance for Building Energy Codes.

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You really only need to know one thing to make sense of politics in the United States: One political party campaigns on the idea that government doesn’t help people, and when people elect them, they try to make that true. Once you see that, just about everything—except why we continue to treat them as a legitimate political party—falls into place.

12:05 – Fri 05 January 2024

Quoted on Mastodon

In sooth, it is a shame to choose rather to be still borrowing in all places, from everybody, than to work and win.

François Rabelais

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Because it accidentally became a tradition early on in the life of the blog, I drop any additional articles that didn’t fit into the one-article-per-day week, but too weird or important to not mention, here.

Why Prusa is floundering, and how you can avoid their fate from Drew DeVault’s Blog

Prusa’s early foothold in the market was strong, and they were wise to execute the way they did early on. But they absolutely had to diversify their lines of business. Prusa left gaping holes in the market and utterly failed to capitalize on any of them.

My original comments, here, started talking about how this idea might explain a lot about the problems with people not paying attention to Free Culture. But then I realized that I had written a few hundred words on the topic. As such, I’ll leave you to check out the interesting story now, but a week from Sunday, expect a full post on the subject.

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